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ColorWare Lets You Customize your iPhone 4S For a Price


Oct 3, 2011
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San Jose, CA


Considering the disappointment of many Apple users in the way the new iPhone 4S looks, ColorWare have decided to add some colors to make your phone unique.
The biggest complain about the 4S didn’t have anything to do with the brand new software, or the new voice assistant, or the two-in one network availability, or the better processor, but it had to do with the way it looked. Numerous users have said over and over again how much the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S look alike.

ColorWare’s interactive website gives you a great number of possibilities to make the phone your own. Solid, glossy or metallic colors are available for the frame, back, button, SIM card trey and even the earbuds, leaving an open door to your creativity. The price for this level of customizing is quite steep. You need to pay $1,500 for the 16GB model, $1,700 for the 64 GB one or only 250$ if you send your iPhone 4S to ColorWare and let them do the work.

Considering the biggest argument of those complaining about how much the 4S resembles the iPhone 4 was that they wouldn’t be able to brag with the new phone because they just looked alike, the prices listed on ColorWare seem appropriately targeted.The new iPhone 4S hit the market late last week. It comes with the new iOS 5, A5 processor, has an integrated voice assistant that lets you do about anything you want without touching the phone and ranks almost as high as the iPad 2 due to the shared processor.

By: Radu Tyrsina


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