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Discussion in 'iPhone iOS' started by Bullseye, Oct 13, 2011.

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    Since upgrading to iOS 5 it seems my iTunes store account is stuck. I had to create a new Apple ID when setting up the new OS for some reason as it would not allow me to use my 4 year old account. Normal?

    So in doing so I chnaged to a new ID and now when I brought over all my purchased Apps to the new OS, it shows there are updates yet will not allow me to do so. It keeps trying to use my old Apple ID which for some reason will not work. I have gone onto the phone, settings, store and input my new ID and filled out my CC info saiys successful and all. Go back to the Apps store and try and update again being prompted over and over for my old unworking ID and password. Frustrating as I could not use my old account when setting up to iCloud and new iOS 5.

    Anyone else seen this or have a definitive fix?


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