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Anyone else get bashed about owning an Apple Watch? I did, but......


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Jan 1, 2013
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So the VP at work, who has an android phone bought some expensive smart watch to go along with his android earlier this year. About 5 others bought the same watch days later. I’ll admit their smart watch looks neat.

So I come into work a few weeks ago with my new Apple Watch gen 3. You would not believe the crap I got about it!!! They all jokingly called me an Apple **** or fanboy.

So I figured I’d show them up and make them eat their words by using my watch for everything their android watches can’t. After 2 weeks, they are now saying “I wish my smart watch did that!”

To name a few features I rubbed their nose in:

Asked them to use their smart watch to get the current weather and temp. They all fumbled with their smart watch and most couldn’t get the local weather. I just flipped my wrist to wake my watch up and said “hey Siri, what’s the weather here”. A second later I had the weather and forcast. Lol

Asked them what is your watches phone number. Got a dumb look from everyone and they had to look it up in their address book. I said my watch shares the same number as my iPhone.

Asked them, what’s your current heart rate. All I got was a dumb look. I flipped my watch and on the face it shows my heart rate.

Said your watch face looks pretty cool, but change it to something else. Took minutes for them to change just the color. I pressed the face and swiped to another face in 3 seconds.

At work we need to keep track of the time it takes to complete a job, so we know how much to bill the customer. They all have to fidget with their watch to bring up a timer/stop watch. All I do is say “hey Siri, start the stopwatch”

Asked them to display the current radar on their watch. No one could. I just went to my apps and brought up 3 apps with animated radars.

I threw $40 USD on the work bench and said the first one to call the VP of the company gets the cash. They all had to flip through their address book to make the call. I just flipped my watch and said “hey Siri, call the Vice President”. 3 seconds later the VP’s phone was ringing.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

....Needless to say, I no longer get any crap about owing an Apple Watch anymore. Anyone else get mocked about owing an Apple Watch only to have these same people have to “eat crow”?


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Sep 4, 2010
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I never got any grief about my Apple watch, but as an owner of both platforms for an extended time I can say the Apple watch is far better than Android wear. Many times I go places I don't even take my phone. My watch can do it all. The only thing I'd like is more flexibility in creating watch faces. Anyone who clowns an Apple watch is clearly uninformed.


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Nov 4, 2016
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When will the s3 search the web? I would like that feature. Or auto delete all text messages

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