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4.1 upgrade HUGE file!


Sep 2, 2010
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I decided to update to 4.1 today. It took over two hours to download via Hughesnet. I busted FAP in the process and had to drop a token to get access again. When it finally hit 100% downloaded, it paused about a minute then I got a message that the system had timed out and the download had not completed! When I started over, it did not resume the download but instead, it started from the top and said "estimated time two hours", just like before. iPhone updates are by far the largest files I ever download and it's a real ***** when you have FAP limits set by your provider.
Anyone know a good download manager that I can use to schedule the downloads during the "free download time" between 0200 and 0600 in the mornings?
Dang dude. Who's your isp? I guess theyre big files but they arent that big. If you hit your limit just on that you should look into another place to dl from.