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HELP! Keep getting weird popups everytime i try to download an app


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Jul 12, 2021
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i have an iphone se second gen. i have been having many, many issues with it and i already have had to get it replaced once. recently i have these popups popping up every time i download something from the appstore. it only happens when i download a new app (not one i have downloaded in the past). at first it started out with just one popup saying “charactermap” needs to be updated. the developer of the app needs to update it to work on this version of ios. then it says keep or delete and i press delete every time just to get it out of my way. but even pressing the delete button does absolutely nothing (even though i dont have it installed on my device)

the thing is i dont have anything named charactermap on my phone. then a short while later (maybe a few days) another popup stared showing up saying the same thing but the app name hangul 2048. now, this happens EVERY TIME i try to download something new

about two days ago a slew of notifications like that started to pop up every time i downloaded an app but some of them were a little different. ex: “shortcuts for coreldraw” needs to be updated. the developer of the app needs to update it to work on this version of ios. the difference is that it says shortcuts for the app need to be updated.

but as of now, every time i download something new i receive ten different popups and its starting to get on my nerves. i dont want to call apple again because they are useless (i had to call them 8 times the one week due to this phone but not for a few different issues not including this one). so before i have to go the route of calling apple AGAIN i was hoping someone could help me with this issue WITHOUT having to restore my phone because thats all apple would tell me to do. so can anyone please tell me what could possibly be goin on?


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