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  1. B

    HELP! Keep getting weird popups everytime i try to download an app

    i have an iphone se second gen. i have been having many, many issues with it and i already have had to get it replaced once. recently i have these popups popping up every time i download something from the appstore. it only happens when i download a new app (not one i have downloaded in the...
  2. H

    Unwanted (and not writen by me) text in Notes in contacts

    Hello, I seriously hope you can help me ... I have a problem understanding something that has happened in my contacts. Some of my contacts have notes that I DID NOT WRITE ... one says some mumbo jumbo (an incoherent sequence of letters, numbers and symbols ... one says "Is a contact for Ted and...
  3. mao_mao

    Health Data not working

    I bought a "new" iPhone 5 Sunday to replace my 6 that grew legs last week. I realized this evening that the Health Data's tracking is blank. No miles, no steps, no flights of stairs. Any troubleshooting ideas? What else should I suspect is not working? I use this feature constantly. The phone...