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  1. S

    Keeep or copy old APP version

    hi, Long time ago I have been using an older version of an app , because the newer updates are worst (less and worst capabilities) Anyway, I need to update the IOS software version on my phone, but the last time I did it, at the same the app version were updated, even when auto apps update...
  2. B

    HELP! Keep getting weird popups everytime i try to download an app

    i have an iphone se second gen. i have been having many, many issues with it and i already have had to get it replaced once. recently i have these popups popping up every time i download something from the appstore. it only happens when i download a new app (not one i have downloaded in the...
  3. K

    Glitch Issue when changing between apps on landscape mode

    Hi guys, have any of you had this issue? When ever I use the home button double click when in an app on landscape mode, it glitches/spazzes before becoming normal. Please let me know, I am trying to bring it to Apple's attention. It has happened on two of the phones I have used so far. Also know...
  4. KoolKard

    App Update and Apple ID Mix Up

    If you back up multiple iOS devices on the same computer you may run into the problem of one device recognizing the Apple ID of another when attempting to update your Apps in the App Store. Before updating it will ask you to sign into to one of the other devices Apple IDs even though your phone...
  5. KoolKard

    Apps That Save Money At Restaurants

    I just wanted to share a few apps that can save you money at some of your favorite fast food restaurants. A lot of restaurants are cutting back on mailing out coupons and turning towards offering discounts via their app. The good thing about a lot of app discounts is that they don't expire, and...
  6. K

    [URGENT] Problem When Installing

    I have decided I am done using 3rd party app installers for this reason: after deleting the app installer, the apps that I had deleted are still 'Waiting' to install, after no file to download it from. I delete it, but then it comes back every 15 minutes. It happens 50 times a day, and it bugs...
  7. R

    My iphone apps not found on itunes !!! Should i be concerned

    Hello last week had many warnings about iTunes on my PC , now my non jail-broken Iphone is behaving strange , and i cannot find my version of outlook or gmail apps on google or the iTunes store. Also many other apps i can find either . Should i be concerned ?? any suggestions welcome ...