1. R

    Is it the motherboard or the battery that is dead?

    I have an iPhone XR that I bought when they came out. Yesterday I noticed that my plugged-in phone hadn´t been charging and that it was on 1%. So I plugged it in using a different cable and adapter, but it still didn't charge. I tried restarting the phone, but the battery was too low so when I...
  2. E

    Apple's Optimized Battery Charging

    I am looking to upgrade my phone and I am planning on making the switch from Android to iPhone. I have been doing my research about the iPhone 13 and I came across the Optimized Battery Charging feature. My understanding of it is that the phone will learn your routine and regulate the charge...
  3. NSquirrel

    Observation-Battery Discharge and Safari in Background

    When you put your phone in sleep mode and you leave your iphone with Safari still launched and on a say a news page, which updates frequently, even though the phone is asleep, the battery discharges as the news page is updated. There is, apparently, no way to turn off background refresh for...
  4. L

    Battery 67%

    For the past two days when I turn on my phone my battery is at 67%. This is after I have charged the phone to 100% the night before. What can be causing this significant drop in battery charge. I leave my phone on over night.
  5. Col.bris

    NEWDERY Battery Case Review. FOR IPHONE X,

    NEWDERY Battery Case Review. FOR IPHONE X, Owning a smartphone offers any user an enormous number of Apps and features as it is literately a small mobile computer. While most people are satisfied with using it as a phone and for social media, many however use the phones for business and or...
  6. Maura

    Tim Cook Says Apple Will Soon Give Users the Choice to Disable iOS CPU Throttling

    AppleInsider reports today that Apple CEO Tim Cook has given a new interview today in which he says that iPhone users with worn-out batteries will soon have the option to disable the built-in throttling function that has been the cause of much controversy and a battery replacement scheme over...
  7. Maura

    Apple Offers Apology and Battery Replacements for $29

    AppleInsider reports today that Apple has responded to the controversy about its slowing down of older iPhones in order to head off performance problems by apologising and also offering out-of-warranty battery replacements for just $29. The company will also issue a software update in the new...
  8. N

    Problem with refurbished iPhone 6s

    I recently purchased a refurbished 6s, and for the first week it worked perfectly. However, just in the last day it has continued to switch itself off, to the point where no sign of life is seen! Not even the charger icon comes up when i hold down the on button. It has worsened rapidly, to the...
  9. C

    iPhone 4s mod.

    Hello iPhone pros! As you can see in this previous forum post iPhone 4s battery I have an iPhone 4s in which the battery inflated. Got it diagnosed by apple, the phone internals are fine, the battery needs to be replaced. On a previous phone, I once did this Imgur: The most awesome images on the...
  10. C

    iPhone 4s battery

    Hello Apple pros, Long story short, my iPhone 4s was sitting unused for a week on a shelf, and when I checked it to see if it needed a charge, it was swollen. The back and display split from the body. Apple wants me to pay 30 euros (I could find a 4s for 45 euros) which is too much, so I will...
  11. P

    Will the battery from a water damaged phone still work?

    I had an iphone 6 about 18 months and foolishly dropped it into the toilet. I tried to dry out etc and then when it wouldn't switch on, I took it to a local place and they said that the board was fried and it was game over, no icloud backups / sob sob / lesson learnt. Fair enough. Fast forward...
  12. Shiloh

    Location services and power usage

    How much of an impact on battery runtime does having location services on cause? I am in a metal enclosed mobile home that GPS signals cannot penetrate but I assume having location services on might still be worthwhile to use the WiFi and cellular parts of it. What about that, should I leave it...
  13. MrFrank92

    "Battery information will be available after using iPhone for a few minutes"

    My iPhone 6 starts saying this and didn't really let me see the battery's percentage of usage. I don't know exactly if it could be related to the fact I had my battery replaced about 10 days ago, but my sister too replaced her battery and did not have this glitch. Does anyone know something...
  14. F

    Problem with charging iPhone 5s

    Hello, first of all I´d like to say sorry if I have any writing mistakes. English isn´t my first language. So, I have a problem with charging my iPhone 5s. While charging my iPhone just stays on the battery same level. The battery power isn´t getting less or more. I already replaced the...
  15. Maura

    Scosche MagicMount Battery Sticks to Your iPhone

    If you’re someone who likes to carry a spare iPhone battery around with you just in case, then you might want to check out this very handy new gadget from Scosche, as reported on by 9to5 Mac. Scosche’s new MagicMount magnetic battery is attached to your iPhone via a very slim magnetic pad, and...
  16. I

    Help Please! iPhone 6 Water Damage Still Starts.

    Hi my iPhone 6 got dropped in water and taken out immediately. Ive replaced the battery and it will still get power but nothing else will happen. when i plug the charger in the white screen with apple logo appears for 1 second then its a dim screen. If i hold the home button whilst plugging in...
  17. Michael Graubart

    Battery condition: display with iBackupBot?

    I have an iPhone 3G with iOS 4.2.1. My computer is a Mac with OS 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion). I discovered (or so I thought) that an application installed on my computer called iBackupBot would not only show me a mass of information about the data backed up in iTunes, but also the condition of the...
  18. P

    Iphone 5 iOS 8.4.1 - battery 15% and shut off

    Hi all, I have recently received my Iphone 5 which has installed iOS 8.4.1 . The battery works fine, after fully charged with a regular use lasts for around 20 hours, although while being at 15% - 20% the phone suddenly shuts off to the black screen. I have pressed home button and on/off...
  19. A

    Android power user thinking about switching to iPhone - questions

    I am an Android power user (rooted, phone, always tinkering and changing stuff). Thinking about switching to iPhone 6S Plus. Some questions : 1) I use Firefox on my Android phone and love how my history, bookmarks, passwords, and tabs are synced with my Windows computer. I don't see Firefox in...
  20. A

    Iphone 5s charges only for 3% and then stop

    hello guys.. when I charge my Iphone 5s it only reaches 3% and the it stops charging.. I tried cleaning the charging port and using other official USBes but nothing changes!!!! please help me fix this problem :'(