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Help Please! iPhone 6 Water Damage Still Starts.


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Jan 28, 2016
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Hi my iPhone 6 got dropped in water and taken out immediately. Ive replaced the battery and it will still get power but nothing else will happen.
when i plug the charger in the white screen with apple logo appears for 1 second then its a dim screen.
If i hold the home button whilst plugging in the screen will last 5 seconds then dim screen.
I have tried taking it everywhere and people who know about phones but no luck.
I believe its had a new screen, battery and charging port.
Also been cleaned inside with 70% alcohol.
This sometimes gets recognised in iTunes but won't fully restore.
People seen it say it doesn't look water damaged but there is slight black mark near battery connector hence battery change.
Thanks in advance for any advice.
There could possibly be water damage to the motherboard. It's also posdible for the damage to get worse over time due to ongoing corrosion damage. I'd say there's a fair chance that your iPhone can't be economically repaired.