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X2 Snowboarding Gets a BASE, but not Lite, Version


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Jun 18, 2010
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X2 Games has announced the release on Friday August 13th of a special version of its popular X2 Snowboarding iPhone game, which seems to fall somewhere between the X2 Snowboarding School demo and the full-priced game. X2 says that X2 Snowboarding BASE is “substantially different” from the full game, although it does feature mini-chunks of the same gameplay, as well as including in-app downloads to enable players to expand upon the free-to-play content if they so choose.

In its raw state, X2 Snowboarding BASE contains two tracks, two characters and two board designs, all taken from the full version, and it also has support for multiplayer via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The in-app purchases are all ÂŁ0.59/$0.99 each, and will unlock four additional packs that each include one course, one character, and two snowboards.

“X2 Games is all about what the player wants, so we’re offering X2 Snowboarding’s high-quality gameplay in a new form, which lets them tailor content from the full version to their own wishes by buying what they want from the full version, when they want it. We’re making sure the free-to-play download is enough to get players hooked and compelled to complete the collection without locking away fun features like multiplayer or offering cut-down levels.”

Des Gayle, producer, X2 Games

Source: X2 Games


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Jun 15, 2010
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United Kingdom
the problem when you dont make a light version not as many ppl are willing to buy it unless they know they will like it by either trying on a friends phone or watched a video and thinking they will like it

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