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Free Highborn Lite and Lite HD Versions Released


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Jun 18, 2010
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Jet Set Games has this week released free iPhone and iPad versions of Highborn to the App Store, namely Highborn Lite and Highborn Lite HD. Both Lite versions feature a new tutorial mission and the first two levels of the full-priced games, as well as granting Lite users access to play on any of the game’s multiplayer maps via OpenFeint, provided they have been invited to a match by a player with the full-priced version of Highborn or Highborn HD.

The full version of the game has also received an update for iPhone and iPad, which fixes a loading crash some users had been experiencing when playing the game on older iPhone or iPod touch models running iOS4, and also includes the aforementioned new tutorial mission featured in the new Highborn Lite and Highborn HD Lite free versions.

You can download the new free Lite game for the iPhone here:

Highborn Lite

Source: Jet Set Games