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What Android needs to do for me to switch from my iPhone


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Jun 15, 2010
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Gold Coast Australia

EVERY time a new smartphone comes out, I’m lucky enough to get to try it out. Since moving from BlackBerry to iPhone some years ago the iPhone was my main device, and while each and every year several devices tempt me away, I always found myself quickly going back to the iPhone. This year was different.

Over 3 months ago now the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8) were launched. Having looked closely at the Android ecosystem in the months prior, I was pretty confident I could live with Android without losing out on any of my favourite apps.
This year, for perhaps the first time — everything on my iPhone that I used day-to-day, was available on Android.
I even moved my music library into the Google Play Music app so I could be platform agnostic (it works on iPhone also).
With two flagship phones at my disposal, I got rid of the iPhone. I didn’t keep it in a drawer to tempt me, I got rid of it.
Reference news.com.au (Australia)

i found this this news article very interesting as it sums up what a lot of users feel about both Android and Apple and those that switch.
,Colin , Administrator

What Android needs to do for me to switch from my iPhone | News.com.au