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Welcome to the iPhone Forum! Please post an introduction thread.


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May 27, 2010
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iPhoneForums.net is a friendly community dedicated to the Apple iPhone - our site covers all generations of the device.

Our goal is to be the place to go to when you have iPhone questions or problems.

To keep the place friendly, we ask that every new member post up an introduction thread letting us know a little bit about themselves, their current (and future) cell phones, etc.

Please help us keep this site friendly and informative! Thanks in advance.
Hello Ladies n Gents,
I'm here from iPadForums.net

Not much of an introduction at this point, Im more interested in getting my iPhone4 on Pre-Order so I can start counting down the days until Launch Day!

It's going to replace my iPhone 32G 3GS, as my business side companion.
Am i as excited about getting the 4G as I was the iPad, not nearly, but am still excited.
Me too like AbblePC i come from iPadForums.net , so i don’t think i need any introduction ….

waiting my iPhone4 … i am exited to got it in hand lucky me the OS4 will come out soon witch that will give me some taste about my new toy’s ( and also business tool)
I am from iPads.net forum great to be here waiting for release. In Australia. Congratulations on your new baby. I have iPhone 3GS
Col down under Australia
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Hi,all. Just here from the Ipad forum.
Looking to get an iPhone ,unlocked version, to augment my Ipad and the rest of my "toys".
Very interested in the world wide capability and ability to use whatever carrier I want regardless where I am. Probably will get one for my other half as well.
London, ON, Canada.
Hi, just registered on this site few minutes ago. I'm embarrassed to tell you what my current cell phone is lol. I hope my phone is ready for pick-up tomorrow at my local AT&T store as they promised. However, yesterday got email saying may have to wait until next launch date, July 2nd. I hope not!! Looking forward to lots of help here as this is my first smart phone. I need to get into the new century :) :)
Hello People!!! I just registered here to find out a little more about this device i just purchased (iphone 4) hopefully to learn and to share!!!

I'm Dennis, hiding behind DJKaz.
This is my first iPhone and being an old far*, I'm hoping to pick up all the tricks and tips your experts share.
The iPhone 4 is daunting without a manual.
But remember, it's not the length of the wand, but the skill of the magician.
I hope to gain some skill here.

Greetings to all!
.....I'm really excited about the new iP4. Have been using an iP3G since last fall when I ran over my Blackberry Pearl (was that "carma" or what?). The AT&T store manager had tried to sell me an iPhone when I bought the BB pearl and I didn't think I really needed everything an iPhone would do. When I returned several months later with my busted BB she said, "See, I told you you really wanted an iPhone!" Now it never leaves my side.
.....So Tuesday I went back to the same AT&T, got in line, and was so lucky to get a "golden ticket" for the last of the phones that were arriving that afternoon. The phones they had for that morning were already sold out. So the one phone I got (a 16 GB unit) was set up for my wife. She is not a "techie" at all so she really didn't think she would benefit from an iP4. But in the last 48 hours she has only let go of it to recharge it at night. I've never seen her so excited about a gadget!
.....Once again, Apple changes the world with something most of us didn't know we couldn't live without. I can remember when the first Mac computers came out in 1984 and changed the way we would interact with computers forever. But I digress. My iP4 32 GB phone was ordered Tuesday am when I picked up my wife's. Fingers crossed it gets here soon so I can ship off the current iP3G for $$$.
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