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Forum Report Post System Tutorial (Please Read)

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Mar 16, 2011
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Hello Forum members!

Today, I'd like to bring our newer members, and veteran members, up to speed on our Forums Reporting system!

First off, the forum's report feature's use is for bringing a post, thread, Private message, or a visitor message to the Forum's Moderators and Administrators attention. When is an appropriate time to do this? When any of our rules have been broken!

The staff at iPhoneForums.net strives to keep the forum clean of spam, and strives to make forum discussion fun, informative, and family friendly as possible! While our wonderful team volunteers countless hours of their lives to keep this place clean, a few things tend to slip out of sight every now and then! This is where our wonderful members can help! If everybody would please report spam, obscene topics/posts, Piracy, and any of our other rules that may have been broken, we can all help keep this place clean and organized for all our members and guests to enjoy!

Some of you might not be sure on the post reporting process. I'm gonna cover this in this tutorial. Please feel free to private message a moderator or an administrator if you notice a report worthy post and can't seem to get the report post system to work.

This reporting system isn't meant to be abused. After a couple of reports come from a member that are obviously report abuse, the member will receive an infraction. Further abuse will lead to a 3-Day ban or Permanent ban. It depends on the nature of abuse or the Moderators discretion. Remember, every single iPhoneForums Moderator, Super Moderator, and Administrator, receive an instant email when a post has been reported.

Rule violating post spotted!

Once you've come across a post that you feel within your best judgement needs reporting, you can do so by:

Desktop site

Find the "Report post" button in the lower left hand corner of the post. I've pointed this button out in my images.


Type in your reported post reason and Click "Send Report".


Via Tapatalk App

First, tap within the posts conversation field you wish to report.


The post will highlight yellow and to the far right, a "More" button will appear. Tap it and then tap the "Report" button.



Choose the "This Forum" button


Choose whether your reporting the post for spam, or other reasons.


If your reporting the post for spam, Tapatalk will automatically put "It's Spam!" In the report reason field.
If its for any other reason besides spam, tap the "Others" button and type in your report reason and tap the "Report" button


Reporting a Visitor Message:

You can also report visitors messages via the Desktop site. Tapatalk doesn't support visitor messages, so therefore you can't report a visitor message via Tapatalk.

First, you'll need to locate the "Report" button. Click it to report the visitor message.


Type in your report reason and hit "Send Report". That simple. ;)


Reporting Private Messages

Last, but not least, you can report private messages via the desktop site, or from the Tapatalk app.

Desktop site

First, find the report post button (which is pointed out in the image).


Once you've located this button, click it. Type in your report reason and click the "Send Report" button.


Tapatalk app

First, tap the arrow located in the top right hand corner of the app.


A window prompt will appear. Locate the "Report" button and tap it.


Then you'll need to tap the "This Forum" button.


Choose whether the report reason is for spam, or others.

Once you've tapped the appropriate button, type in your report reason (the "It's Spam" button automatically fills out the report field for you) and tap the "Report" button!




If you've read this tutorial, your now a certified reporting guru! ;)
Thanks for reading, and also, thanks for your participation!


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