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Weird lines have been appearing on my iphone. Can anyone suggest a way to fix it?


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Apr 22, 2020
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A few months ago, pink lines started appearing all over my iphone 6 (bought in June or July 2015) screen on anything that was white. I didn't bother much about it at the time because I soon got rid of the lines by turning on night mode (it sets all colors onto a warmer side, so the pink lines wouldn't really affect the white). Anyway, today it got extremely bad. Green lines started to appear. They also appeared on anything white (night mode could no longer stop even if it was set to max). The green lines also appeared on any grayish-white parts of the screen. And to make it worse the pink lines also started appearing on anything that wasn't white but light in color. Before I found the night mode solution, it used to come and go, but when it first came it was there most of the time. It went away only a couple of times. I have no idea whether this new problem with the green lines will ever go away. If it does, it will probably soon come back.
I googled what the problem is, and I couldn't find anything online that had the exact same problem my phone had. It seems to be a unique problem that no one has before. The only thing that I think could or fix or is causing the problem is the LCD cable being or loose or something.
And to be clear this does not affect the overall performance of the phone, it's just lines appearing on the screen (touch screen and apps work perfectly fine)
Recap: Weird lines have appeared on my iphone 6 on anything that was light in color on the screen (mostly on anything white).
Are the lines always across the narrow dimension of the screen even when viewing it in landscape mode? If so, I’d agree that your problem is hardware related. If the Apple Stores we’re open I’d suggest a visit to the Genius Bar for a free diagnostic. If a screen replacement is needed the cost would be more than the iPhone is currently worth.