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iphone 6

  1. S

    Weird lines have been appearing on my iphone. Can anyone suggest a way to fix it?

    A few months ago, pink lines started appearing all over my iphone 6 (bought in June or July 2015) screen on anything that was white. I didn't bother much about it at the time because I soon got rid of the lines by turning on night mode (it sets all colors onto a warmer side, so the pink lines...
  2. F

    I use WhatsApp on an iPhone X. I have chat history and media backed up on my iCloud. The total size

    I use WhatsApp on an iPhone X. I have chat history and media backed up on my iCloud. The total size of the backup is around 6 GB. I had to send in the iPhone X for repair, and I’m using a temporarily loaned iPhone 6. I restored the WhatsApp chat history from iCloud, but the iPhone 6 is a 16 GB...
  3. W

    iPhone 6 techies available for audio fault?

    Hi all, Are there any techies here that might be able help with an intemittent audio fault on my iPhone 6 64Gb? This phone has an intermittent audio problem, it can be okay for six to eight weeks and then loose audio. No ring tones, no alarm sounds and no music, even on loudspeaker, I cannot...
  4. Maura

    Apple Will Replace Any iPhone 6 or Newer Battery Without Requiring Diagnostics

    MacRumors reports today that according to a new note from Apple to its customers, “anyone with an iPhone 6 or later whose battery needs to be replaced” can have the battery replaced for the new reduced fee of $29. And while the note does not mention whether or not the phone would have to have...
  5. A

    Byuing Iphone 6 by internet stores

    Can somebody help with dission of chosing site to buy apple? Does this site good to buy: Edited
  6. C

    iPhone 6 won't restore - error 4013

    I recently bought a refurbished iPhone 6 and its been working perfectly for 2 weeks then it suddenly started a boot loop where it wouldn't go past apple logo. once or twice 50 times it would come to lock screen and even past that but it would last only couple of minutes. then it would continue...
  7. K

    IPHONE 6 wont connect to celullar

    I have iphone 6 and i have problems with gsm signal. So I can not connect to the network, celullar. I reset all settings and this did not help. So I tried to repair it myself and dismantled the display, press harder everything. The signal returned for one hour. What can be exchanged? Sorry for...
  8. Maura

    32GB Space Gray iPhone 6 Now Available Without Contract for $200

    9to5 Mac reports that a special edition of the iPhone 6 that was originally made just for India is now available in the US for just $200 without a contract. The original iPhone 6 was only available in 16, 64, and 128GB versions. The 32GB version was created just for the Indian market and went...
  9. L

    Documents 5 - How can I learn the size of my downloaded files?

    Can't figure out how to get the program to tell the file size of my downloads, went into app settings as well as the iphone settings, is it possible? I know I can see the total size of documents and data in iphone settings, but I mean individual file sizes. Thanks!
  10. john doe

    selling iphone help

    long story short ,my phone got wet . the touch screen no longer works . it still turns on ,takes a charge ect,ect....but i am selling it on ebay . since the screen is non responsive i cant even open it . is there still a way to reset the phone? that does not require user input? before you ask...
  11. P

    iPhone 6 screen spontaneously cracked!!!???!!!?

    So about 5 minutes ago, I pulled my iPhone 6 out of my pocket and I saw that the screen was completely cracked. Like absolutely 100% cracked. This was not here before. Earlier, I sat in a car from point A to point B on my phone (20-minute car ride). It was completely fine then, no hairline...
  12. L

    Iphone-Ipad Exchange account

    Hi All. I currently have 3 apple devices. Ipad mini, Ipad and iphone 6. On all 3 of the deveices I have added my exchange email outllok365 and synced the contacts for them. On my 2 ipads the contacts seem to be synced ok but on my iphone 6 some contacts are missing and not sure why. I tried...
  13. B

    Iphone 6 safe mode - parental controls

    Hi Im looking at getting my teens an Iphone 6. I want to make sure they cant access innapropriate content. A problem with Anroid phones is that most parental controls can be overidden by booting up in safe mode. When this is done everything is unrestricted on the phone. I have been told...
  14. Maura

    Some iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Units Reportedly Shutting Down in China

    AppleInsider reports that the China Consumers Association (CCA) has asked Apple to investigate complaints of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s units closing down suddenly and finally, even though they have approximately 50 to 60 percent left on the battery. When the user then plugs the phone in it doesn’t...
  15. N

    iPhone 6 LOE/Hacked?

    Hello all, I own an iPhone 6, and this morning I woke up to all of my apps logged out aside snapchat and my iCloud asking for verification which has never happened in the year that I've owned this phone. Another very curious thing is that I can't access my pictures. I'm curious if there's...
  16. Maura

    Widespread Problems Reported With iPhone 6 Plus Displays

    9to5 Mac reports that according to iFixit, many iPhone 6 Plus and some iPhone 6 users have been complaining about a touchscreen glitch that is occurring with their phones. iFixit says that the displays of the affected phones are unresponsive when touched, due to a fault with the Touch IC chips...
  17. R

    Sales Tax when purchasing on-line

    I am looking to buy a Used iPhone 6 from a company located in Oregon which attracts 0% sales tax. I live in California which has sales tax. If I buy hardware online from oregon, do I need to pay the sales tax?
  18. Maura

    Apple Fights Back as Chinese Court Tries to Stop iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Sales

    9to5 Mac reports that the Beijing Intellectual Property Office in China has attempted to stop Apple selling the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in Beijing due to complaints from a Chinese phone manufacturer, Baili, which said that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have infringed on its design patent for...
  19. M

    SMS Recipient Appears as Number, NOT Contact Name

    Hi, Having a strange issue with my iPhone 6 since getting iOS 9. I am currently on the latest 9.3.1 update. The issue I am having, is as: When I receive SMS messages. They display on the lock screen and in banner, but they do not display the contact name, only the number it is from, so for...
  20. Jcgator

    Trouble saving images from Safari

    My iPhone 6s Plus is my 4th iPhone and I do love it!! However, I am having trouble saving images from the Internet to my 6s. I never experienced this issue with previous models, so I hope someone out there has a solution! To save images in the past, I held a finger down on any image for 2-3...