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iphone 6 screen

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    Weird lines have been appearing on my iphone. Can anyone suggest a way to fix it?

    A few months ago, pink lines started appearing all over my iphone 6 (bought in June or July 2015) screen on anything that was white. I didn't bother much about it at the time because I soon got rid of the lines by turning on night mode (it sets all colors onto a warmer side, so the pink lines...
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    iPhone 6 screen spontaneously cracked!!!???!!!?

    So about 5 minutes ago, I pulled my iPhone 6 out of my pocket and I saw that the screen was completely cracked. Like absolutely 100% cracked. This was not here before. Earlier, I sat in a car from point A to point B on my phone (20-minute car ride). It was completely fine then, no hairline...