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Walmart Begins iPhone 4 Sales at 8:00AM - June 24th


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May 27, 2010
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According to a Walmart Employee, Walmart wil begin selling the new iPhone 4 at 8:00AM June 24th. The amount of stock Walmart is getting compared to other large retailers is currently unknown. Some iPhone4Forum.net users are reporting their local stores will only receive a very limited amount (2 to be exact!). If you weren't able to jump on Apple's or AT&T's pre-order page during the initial flood of pre-orders, this might be your only shot of getting one on launch day!
I know the manager of the electronics dept. at a local Walmart in Florida who tells me they are receiving a whopping 1ea! LOL!
1ea? so you know how to get infront of line or have them set one aside for you?;p
I wish I knew, then I wouldn't be waiting for mine to be delivered in the third week of July. I can't imagine the chaos which will be caused when all these people form a line to find out there's only one available.
will be like Black Friday sales... did that once... never again. I shall wait patiently... I hope.
harder said then done but that is the best thing to do.. all good things comes to those who wait..

i wonder when they will announce the white one