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AT&T Launches iPhone 4 in Retail Store

Good grab. So, you camped out for your friends' iphones?
Here a few pics this morning:




I tell ya what with the antenna issue.

I tried to make mine do it once I got it. But it seemed aslong as I was connected to a 3G signal my service never even went down one bar.

However once I started my long drive home and was on Edge I then again tried the issue and it only took a couple of seconds for me to have no service.

As for lines, I didn't take any pictures. Guess I should have but eh. 10 hours early. Was second in line.

Only got up to bout 10 people till around 5AM and then I'd say 40 people and by opening it was around the building.

The store I got mine they ONLY had 3 32 gigs in. So I was VERY lucky and was well worth the long night to get it.
I woke up at 8:30 am, shaved and showered, and left my house at 10 am. Got to the AT&T store (which is only a few blocks from my house), walked right in, and within literally 30 seconds I was standing at the register checking out with a 32gb iPhone. Would have been in and out in about 5 minutes total, but their computer system was bogged down, so it took almost an hour to checkout.

Had the same thing happen last year when the 3GS came out, except that day I didn't make it to the store until after 6 pm because of work. Still was pretty much right in and out though.

While waiting today, I was bs'ing with the sales girl, and she said there was a small line before they opened, but no big deal. Said the first people lined up about 4 am...they backed their truck up to the sidewalk, set out lawn chairs, a cooler with drinks, and had a tv in the bed of the pickup.

They were setting up tables in front of the store and handing out water, oj, soda, coffee, and snacks and pastries, but there was hardly anybody around by that time....they should have had it there for the people waiting when the store opened.