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AT&T Launches iPhone 4 in Retail Store


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May 27, 2010
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Today AT&T stores will open early with most stores opening the doors at 7:00AM to begin the launch of the iPhone 4 for those customers that weren't able to pre-order the phone. The retail stores will have a limited supply of phones available and lines are already being reported around the country. AT&T has also updated their website and made the iPhone 4 available to order. I've been told by an AT&T sales rep that orders could be received within 3-5 business days.

Photo Source: MacRumors.com (KTasm) from Longanville, GA
I'm hanging out at my local AT&T store and there are about 60 people in line waiting to get the iPhone 4!
I'm running out of hope here, I thought I was #10 in line until a group of people who left for breakfast came back. Make that #25 now or something.
5 mins for doors to open about 100 people in line
Got one! They ran out of 32gb iPhone 4s but had plenty of 16gb models. They were also expecting another large shipment at 1:00 this afternoon. I'll post some first impressions after some breakfast!
I went and camped out at our AT&T store an hour away last night at 9:00PM EST. I got my 32 gig iPhone 4!!!!

Sucks that I couldn't get a case or a shield for the phone as they said the pre-orders wiped them out! DOH!
So... antenna issues anyone? I might think about exchanging mine.
So... antenna issues anyone? I might think about exchanging mine.

They all act the same way... All 16 iPhones I have personally tested. Don't think you'll get anything different.... At the moment they are all made exactly the same.
That's what I thought as well but the polls say otherwise. Some people say they can never replicate the issue so I'm wondering if it is a manufacturing defect. A bad batch maybe.
Just got back from the AT&T store after a 6 hour camp out. Not as bad as my 12 hour campout on the 24th, but still pretty cold. Ended up leaving our chairs in the line(4th and 5th in line) and slept in my car after some Tylenol PM(DRUGS!). In the end we bought 3 iPhone 4's.... good day.