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Waiting for my new iPhone4


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Jun 15, 2010
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I am looking forward to the iPhone4. Will order it in July. I am using an original iPhone 4GB I bought in July,2007. I know it is a collectors item as they were only made for three months until September,2007. I have enjoyed it and it has worked fine. I am not a heavy user of cell phones but do enjoy the many features.:retina:
welcome! looking forward to this too..
Welcome to the site, seems like you are in the same boat as 99% of the users on the site.
Welcome, and I must say WOW, I couldn't wait that long. It's nice to think the waiting this time around (almost a week 1/2) will be nothing like waiting for the iPad.
It's almost hard to believe I will be holding my shiny new iP4 a day after today next week, err yea next Thursday.

Say, where's that UPS guy, whats taking him so long... :eek:
it will be a nice step up for you getting the iphone 4, you did good to wait. my brother is still happy with the 1st iphone but it the 16gb version, though i am giving him my 3g when i get the 4 on the 24th
Hi I ordered my iPhone 4 yesterday on my iPad. Glad I didn't order earlier:retina:. July is better for me. Thanks for the replies. I am giving my original iPhone to my son-in-law who collects all things Apple.