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Getting my new iphone4 & saying hi as im new


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Jul 11, 2010
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Hi guys i just want to introduce myself to the site as i am new,my name is kerry and im 34yrs old and married and l love to make great friends,i currently have as iphone 3g 16gb at the moment but getting my spanking new iphone4 on thurs 15th july yippy cant wait,i ordered it though apple as i could not get one at any apple stores as you know,they said their was a 3 week wait for the iphone but i had some good news from apple and they said they are going to deliver it to me a week early, how great is that?

Well idont want to bore you to much with my intro but im hoping you guys will be great on answering any questions i will need to ask when i get it.
Thanks guys
Welcome! the wait will be well worth it. i moved from the 3g also the 4 is just amazing...