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Urgent Help required - iphone locked to foreign network


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Oct 13, 2011
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My Iphone 4 was purchased in Georgia for me and it came with Cydia (a jail breaking programme) so it must have been locked originally. When I got it back to the UK, I took it to o2 and they put a micro-sim in for me and all was well until about a week ago when calls to my device apparently started going straight to voicemail sometimes and I would get sms from people in the same town at a two hour delay. I took it to o2, as there isn’t an Apple store very near where I live and they suggested I update the software. Turns out, that re-set the device to its pre-unlocked state so now it refuses to acknowledge the Sim and is locked. I took it to get unlocked but the guy couldn’t do it. A Carphone warehouse “Geek Squad” guy, very cryptically, said that there are programmes you can download online to solve my whole issue but he couldn’t tell me about them as I’m guessing they’re not exactly legit. Does anyone know what software he meant and could anyone guide me through this whole issue?