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Ultra fast shutter speed with iPhone flash

Robert D

New Member
I have the Camera +2 app on my iPhone X. The shortest shutter speed that the app shows is 1/49999 of a second. I am trying to take photographs of water sprays.

When I set the shutter speed to 1/49999 of a second, the viewfinder is black, which is I suppose expected. I am not able to take the photos in bright sunlight; the lighting is typical indoor lighting. However, I find that I can take a photograph if I turn the flash on. The photos look pretty good and it does seem that the action has been frozen. But I'm not sure it was frozen at 1/49999 of a second because of the flash.

I would think that the flash time is significantly longer than this shutter speed and therefore the shutter speed should be the limiting step. However, I have little experience with photography.

I am worried that the phone might be overriding the shutter speed once I set the flash to the on mode; even though Camera +2 shows that the shutter speed has stayed at 1/49999 after a picture was taken. I saw in a post on another forum that a Canon camera was overriding a 1/40000 second shutter speed to 1/1000 when the flash was turned on. When I look at the photos, it seems like the action hasn't been stopped as fast as it should be if the photo really was taken at 20 microseconds.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? In particular, does anyone have any thoughts on how I might take these water sprays.

Thanks for any help.