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Aug 5, 2013
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Getting photo shots on the move has just become much easier with the new Burst Camera Pro app. Anyone who uses a camera regularly will know just how difficult it can be to get clear continuity shots, which is why this app has been developed.
Burst camera Pro allows continuity photography to be made simple, with a straight forward, easy to use app. The app has been designed so it can be easily used by anybody, even without any prior experience of photography.
To begin filming, all the user has to do is press the “start” button and by holding down the “shutter” button, the user will be able to take a stream of pictures. The app will then film continuous footage until the user presses the “stop” button. The user can also tap if they want to take single shots. The Burst Camera Pro app allows easy filming with just the click, and just one tap before beginning to shoot images will enable better focus.
The Burst Camera Pro app has also been designed with versatility in mind. If the user just wants a single shot then all they have to do is press the volume key or camera button, which will be found next to the start key.
The app was released on July 2, 2013; users will need an IOS operating system in order to use the app. The Burst Camera Pro app has already received thousands of downloads, and it has gained many positive reviews and plenty of satisfied users. The app is available to users for just 99c and only requires 21MB of space, so it doesnÂ’t use up too much storage space.
The Burst Camera Pro app also has the following functions:
  • Flash, auto focus and manual focus, and zoom
  • Shooting mode
  • A folder for storing your precious photos and for storing camera roils
  • A sepia mode to give your pictures a vintage feel
  • High resolution mode
  • Low resolution mode
It is recommended that the user choose the “low resolution” function if they are taking pictures of fast moving scenes and the low resolution function is ideal for use when taking pictures of a sports scene, photos of children and pets and beach, trip and campus shots that require a dynamic look.
The low resolution function can also be used as a useful tool for analysing your golf swing to help improve your game, and it can also be used to film dynamic scenes such as break dancing and trampoline, skateboarding, parties etc. In fact, anything fast moving that might otherwise just ends up as blur on any other app.
While the app offers an easy option for those users wanting to record fast-moving action shots, it can also be used to photograph those precious, important moments such as the time you spend with friends and family. Once the pictures are taken, they are easy to search for enabling the user to choose the picture they want with absolutely no fuss. Another important function of this app is there is no shutter lag, allowing the user to take pictures without delay.
Once the user has taken the photographs, they will be stored under your phone’s gallery. The user just needs to look for the “Burst Mode Camera Folder” to find all of the pictures they have taken safely stored away.
The app has been designed to give high quality picture resolution and the photographs taken will be of high enough quality to be used in blog posts etc. The app has also been designed to work quickly and efficiently, making the photographerÂ’s job even simpler, and saving the user valuable time. The developers of the Burst Camera Pro app can boast of having the fastest android app available with an app capable of taking up to 30 pictures a second. However, on some lower spec devices, the speed will be slightly slowly but will still allow the user to take up to 10 pictures a second.
Tips for getting the most out of the app
Getting the best quality snaps can depend on a variety of factors. For getting the best pictures possible, the developers suggest the following tips to get the most out of the app:
  • Photographs of children will look much better when taken naturally.
  • When pictures are taken in bright sunlight, the quality of the pictures will be much improved.
  • After the pictures have been taken, the developers suggest selecting the best shots and then saving them on the camera roll.


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