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UK O2 iPhone Users Still Reporting Data Roaming Charge Woes


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Jun 18, 2010
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The sorry tale of mysterious and inaccurate rogue data roaming charges hitting iPhone-owning O2 customers in the UK when they returned home from abroad came to light in July, after which it all seemed to go a bit quiet on the matter, but now CNET's Crave blog is reporting that the situation is still ongoing, and that customers are still being hit by strange and costly charges. According to Crave, the Apple forums are abuzz with O2 customers who say they have been hit with data roaming charges despite having disabled data roaming in their iPhone settings when they went abroad. A BBC News report said that O2 has been aware of the problem for four months, and is currently investigating it with Apple. No one has managed to work out whose fault it is yet! So far O2 seems to be the only network whose customers have been affected. Apple responded with the following statement:
"We are aware that some O2 customers have reported receiving unexpected data roaming charges and are investigating. To avoid unexpected data roaming charges while travelling outside the UK, O2 customers can turn off Cellular Data in their iPhone settings."
Source: CNET Crave
thats strange, are they even turning the data roaming on when they go abroad