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Transferring apps/music to and from itunes

De la cruz

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Jul 26, 2010
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Hello, I've recently got an iphone 4 and had it working no bother last week. However, since i last had it synced with my computer i had purchased some new apps etc. When it now syncs it says that all the new apps are being copied to the computer but they are not appearing in the apps file in my library and i can no longer put downloaded apps from the itunes store on the computer to my phone. When i try and put music on it brings up an error message with error code (0xE800400B) and says the device is not connected even though it is still charging via the computer and still says "synced" at the top of itunes.

Does anybody know how to rectify this? preferably without having to restore and lose all my apps that i've paid for etc. I have the latest version of iTunes as well as the latest update for the iPhone 4.


It looks like your music sync error is stopping the rest of the sync process. You should disable music sync to see if your apps, picture, & video sync will start.