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Unable to sync iPhone 5 after restore


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Apr 10, 2013
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Question: how do I completely swap all contents of two iPhone 5's, including all settings, contacts, app data, pictures, music/videos, installed apps, etc?

This is my situation: I am exchanging an iPhone 5 with a family member because she likes the white one (I have a white one, she has a black one currently). So I backed up both our iphones (my backup is on my computer, hers is on her computer), then started with her phone. I plugged her phone into my computer and clicked "restore from backup", which successfully copied over stuff like my contacts, settings, text messages, etc, but the phone still had her apps on it and not mine. So then I clicked "sync" to erase all her apps/music/etc then replace them with mine (which should automatically replace with all apps/music/etc installed on my phone and their app data). Problem is nothing happens after I click sync... all it does is say "preparing to sync..." and "determining apps to sync..." then stops. It never does the actual syncing.

Does anyone know what's happening here? Using latest iTunes 11, already did a hard reset, checked/unchecked "prevent this iphone from syncing automatically with iTunes", also de-authorized then re-authorized my computer.

By the way, if I plug in the white phone (which is what I had previously before exchange), it will still sync properly. It's just her black phone that is unable to sync. Apparently it's some kind of detection that doesn't allow another phone to sync with my computer or something?


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Aug 15, 2012
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Make sure that you switch the Apple ID associated with each phone. You can backup as many devices with as many Apple IDs as you like onto one computer, as long as you differentiate the Apple IDs. The Apple ID logged on when syncing with iTunes must match the one that's on your device, otherwise, you won't be able to sync since the data isn't present from one Apple ID to another.