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Thoughts? My move from Verizon unlimited data to Sprint unlimited data


May 21, 2011
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Orlando, FL.
I currently have an iPhone 4. My wife is about to take advantage of Walmart's $.97 cents offer for an iPhone 5C (I think) - to dump their inventory preparatory to the new iPhone 6. She'll also sign up for Sprint's unlimited data/talk/text plan for $60. Since I'm hardly ever "on the road" and I live in a metro area, I'm considering changing over to that Sprint plan, also. I'm paying $135 for my Verizon plan now all-told, which would drop to $60, and I'd still have unlimited data (more or less). I could sell my Verizon unlimited data plan on eBay for $400 or $500, then get the Walmart iPhone upgrade to 5C for less than a dollar (better than my 4). And when the iPhone 6 comes out next month, I could upgrade to a subsidized phone. Better still if I could do it with a 5.5-inch screen iPhone if Apple comes out with that.

Does this plan sound doable?
That sounds like a plan but it all depends on your ebay auction - if you don't get enough money for that you won't save money. Did you check how much people pay on ebay for a "used" Verizon unlimited data plan?
Sprint now offering (9-4-14) 20gb with 10 lines for $100 per month. Price wars are a GOOD thing. Smile
With Tmobile and sprint fighting for a competitive rate, combined with metro - cricket-boost, it's a great time to BUY phones outright and save that cash monthly.

About #%}%}# time the U.S. Cellular scam/market had some competition.