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This Twitter Account Tweets Out Every Song Played on Beats 1 Radio


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
Since its release earlier this week, Apple Music and Beats 1 reviews have been mostly positive. I've currently frozen my Spotify membership to see if I can survive on Apple Music alone without cheating, and to save 30 buckaroos in the process.

Beats 1 radio may not really be my thing, but I also haven't given it too much time as of now. But one problem that services like Shazam have fixed with radio, is identifying songs that are currently playing. Now don't get me wrong, Shazam is a great service. But there have been times when I missed identifying a song because I couldn't get Shazam out fast enough.

With Beats 1 radio, the playing screen shows what song is currently playing. The menu also allows users to add that specific song to My Music, or check it out in the iTunes store. However, there are times when someone might be driving and will miss saving a song they would like to listen to in the future.

Developer Callum Jones found a simple solution to this problem. Jones created a simple script that tweets out every song that has played on Beats 1 radio. The Twitter account @Beats1Plays sends out a single tweet for every song that has played on the station. Timestamps for the tweets help a lot as well, as someone can simply remember the time a song was playing, scroll down the Twitter account, and find the name and artist.


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Sep 24, 2012
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Regina, Canada
I can see this getting very tedious after several months and many thousands of songs. I hope they can add some kind of search index to this.