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Shazam 8.7 Brings Apple Music Support and New 'Counts' Feature


iPhoneForums.net News Team
Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
Apple Music is getting ready to launch next week, along with the new Beats One 24/7 radio station. Beats One promises to play all types of music, along with guest DJ spots, and special guests like Eminem and Drake.

Popular audio identification app Shazam received an update today to support Apple's new music streaming service. With the Shazam 8.7 update, users can now identify songs with a simple tap, then launch the service to listen to the entirety of the song.

Shazam 8.7 also bring standard bug fixes and stability improvements, along with a new Shazam "counts" feature. After a user identifies a song, Shazam will display the amount of times the song has been identified by other users.

Apple Music is set to launch on Tuesday, June 30, with a free trial for the first free months. After the trial period is over, the service will cost $9.99 per month for one user, or $14.99 per month for up to six users on single account.

The latest version of Shazam is available for free in the App Store.