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Text Messaging - Beware!


Jun 15, 2010
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Georgia, USA
I received my new phone this morning.
Luckily I had to call AT&T to add some international services this morning.

While on the phone with AT&T, we reviewed my services. When the customer service rep said I was on the "Pay as you go" text plan, I was like WHOA! Wait a minute.

After looking at my account, he told me it was turned off when the store activated the new phone. He said it didn't surprise him, as he has seen this several times. Not sure why or how this happened.

I am glad I made that call today, the end of July I would have been really mad if I was getting charged per text message.

Just an FYI to check your Text Plan to make sure AT&T didn't turn yours off when activating your new iPhone4.
My text was also turned off. I noticed it the same evening I got the phone.
I have always learned to check on my plan after an upgrade. Att is REALLY bad about haphazardly changing plan add ons... I have never had any problem getting them refunded but it's still a pain..
I just looked at mine, Still says unlimited. But I'll keep an eye on it. Though I did go into the store?
ouch that could of been a lot worse for you, do you have unlimited texts in your plan?
i'm actually thinking about getting rid of texting altogether. I'm not a huge texter to begin with. And I think could live with text plus and email. Any thoughts? I may give it a month to see.
Remember to check your plans! Call them and make shure. This happened to me. Today I got a text from AT&T saying I had a 50$ bill from the amount of texts I've sent already and that I should upgrade my plan to unlimited............................... I was pretty pissed.
I just checked mine and it was still unlimited but thanks anyway, the way my crowd text I'd be in a heap of trouble LOL