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iPhone 4 on PREPAID services?!


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Aug 6, 2010
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hey everyone!

Anyone know of a good USA prepaid service plan to put the iPhone4 on? I can't afford AT&T's monthly rates (even though they're much better than before!) for the iPhone4 but love the device that i got one from eBay.

Most daytimes I'm in my office building with access to landline phones with long distance calls and WiFi coverage. I plan on downloading apps onto my iPhone4 that allows me to make free VOIP calls and text messages. And when i'm not in my office building I tend to use texting more than making calls.

A wireless service called H2O Wireless sparks my interest. They're formerly known as O2 Wireless and use AT&T's network service. Only downside is that they currently do not provide data to cellphones but i heard that's in the pipeline and it may be at 3g speeds! Mobile data use is not really a big deal for me but would certainly be a nice feature.

H2O Wireless offesr unlimited call and texts for $40 a month! But the plan that has my interest is their Minute plan because it starts at $10 for 90 days of service! Granted, you'll be paying 14 cents a minute for calls and 5 cents to send/receive texts. The $10 gets you about 70 minutes of talk time or 200 texts. A $20 service plan is also available for 90 days providing 142 minutes of talk time or 400 texts.

Given my situation and my use of cellphones, how does this sound to everyone? If you know of a similar service or something you think would be better for me than i'd appreciate your suggestions. Thanks :)