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iPhone 4 Use in UK


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Oct 10, 2010
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Can I use my US iPhone 4 in the UK if they switch the SIM card for me?

I'm planning on making several trips to the UK over the next coming months. Previously, my trips were short and spread far apart. I just called AT&T, added a global data plan & text plan and canceled the next month. However, if my trips are going to be frequent and with somewhat short notice, I'd like to find a better solution. Given that there are 5 carriers in the UK that support the iPhone 4, when I arrive there, can I just walk into one of them, have them switch my SIM, and use one of their monthly plans (which are usually cheaper than AT&T's plans) and have my SIM switched back before I come home. I realize I can jailbreak, but given that it could potentially void my warranty (until they sort out the legal issues), I'd prefer not to do this. If I have a UK Apple store switch the SIM, will that protect my warranty while giving me a more affordable international option?

Also, I still have my old 3GS. Would it be an option to just take that phone to the UK and get service there? For example, so nothing with my AT&T iPhone 4 and just use the old 3GS in the UK as if I lived there.
no the phone will be locked to att, it wont let you put any other sim, maybe att can help with that if you dont want to use jb
you can get 30 day non contract sim only deals they only need 30 days notice if you want to pull the plug some start at around £20.