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TalkTalk Sim in iPhone 3GS - Activation - UK - virtual Vodafone UK


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Jan 22, 2013
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Hi, I am looking to buy a second hand 3GS as it appears it runs latest iOS and is cheapest. I have a contract Sim from TalkTalk (UK virtual network using Vodafone). It appears that the TalkTalk network is not 'approved' by Apple.
Here is what I would like to do. Buy a cheap iPhone 3GS from local second hand shop or from online auction.
If I get one that is locked to Vodafone will my TalkTalk sim work?
How does the activation work?
If I buy a non Vodafone 3GS can I jailbreak it then put my TalkTalk sim in and will I then need to activate it?

As you can tell I have only just started learning about iPhones as my existing phone is a not an iPhone. I have rooted my Android device and a second hand iPhone wont be under warranty so I should be fine using the guides here.

So what 3GS can I buy that will work on the virtual carrier TalkTalk (using Vodafone)?

Thanks for any help you can give.

PS any one recommend anywhere to buy a second hand 3GS at a decent price?
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Here are some guides that may suit your needs.
iPhone Tips & Tricks | What is jailbreaking? | Thinking of Jailbreaking but are not sure |Can I Jailbreak my iPhone on this iOS/Jailbreak Status Thread

My particular field of expertise is iOS Jailbreaking and Unlocking.

The only way to use a non-original carrier SIM on any device is to unlock the device first. For the iPhone 3GS, you can unlock using UltraSn0w through Cydia. If TalkTalk is part of Vodafone, you shouldn't need to jailbreak it nor would you need to unlock it if the 3GS in question is from Vodafone.
Thanks very much for the reply. I have been reading some of the guides you list. They are very helpful. I think the bit I was unsure of was if I had to activate the phone before I could jailbreak it then use UltraSn0w to unlock. Now you have said that I can just jailbreak it then use UltraSn0w to unlock I guess I can just get any carriers phone. So I might be able to get one cheaper :)
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When jailbreaking with RedSn0w tick "Install Cydia" and "Deactivate". This will jailbreak your device, install Cydia and skip the setup process, allowing you to access Cydia to install UltraSn0w

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Thanks very much. A very noob question but I guess I have to create some sort of account with Apple for iTunes? Last time I used iTunes was about 9-10 years ago and probably on win98 :)
Yup. You'll need an AppleID in order to use your iPhone really. iCloud, AppStore, etc, will require an AppleID to use.
Thanks. AppleID all sorted. Just need to find a phone now. :)