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Suggestion of IM client that makes chat backups.


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May 31, 2014
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Hello everyone. I've been looking for an IM client that makes backup of chat history (iTunes or iCloud) the same way that WhatsApp does, for example. I've seen an app called Verbs IM on App Store, but thing is it lacks support for most protocols, and judging by the users comments, it still has a few problems.

Do any of you know of an iPhone client that has this particular feature? Any suggestion would be much appreciated.

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What's wrong with what's app as it clearly does what u want it to do ??
Nothing "wrong" with WhatsApp... The way it deals with its backups is excellent... But it doesn't do jabber... Nor WLM... Nor ICQ... Nor Facebook... I'm looking for an app which connects all of these protocols AND does bkp like WhatsApp does...

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I have no idea what you mean, guess I'm a simple what's app user