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Strange bug in IOS9


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Oct 4, 2011
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I thought I would relate this story as it may help others.
I bought my iPad Air 2 just after it was released and at the same time I bought a top quality leather case with sleep/wake function.
I was disappointed to find the volume buttons didn't work with the case on and after talking with Apple I was advised to return the case to the shop I bought it from.
I just used my old iPad Air case for a while but today I took delivery of another very nice leather case from Amazon (different make) only to find the same thing was happening again, I phoned Apple and after much trying of this and that we realised the volume buttons did in fact work but there was no volume indicators on the screen.
It seems this is a bug in IOS and hopefully will be fixed with the next update.
I'm happy with that as I like the case and didn't want to return it.

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