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magpul field case for iphone 4 review


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Jan 11, 2011
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Magpul Field Case for iPhone 4

Magpul is a company that makes accessories for tactical assault rifles. They set out on a mission to make a minimal protective case for a very cheap price. The Magpul Field case only costs $9.95 which is a very low price for the quality of a case you get from magpul. The package is very simple and does not include any screen shields.

The magpul Field case is a minimal to moderate protection case. It covers the back sides and gives you a slight amount of lay on table design. The volume and on/off button are covered. This case is made from a tpu style material but is a pretty thin case, it will protect your phone from scratches and minor drops. It will also protect your phone from larger drops but you just have to be luck on how it lands. Overall the protection is pretty good.

Magpul makes assault rifle accessories that are very functional and have to be, so when I saw they had a iPhone 4 case I was very excited. The case is pretty thin and the material isn't tacky so it will slide in and out of your pocket very easily. The on/off button is very responsive, the volume buttons are a little less responsive but still work well. The vibrate switch cutout is pretty small but being that the case is thin it is pretty easy to flip on and off. The cutout for the 30 pin dock connector is pretty small and will only accommodate plugs slightly larger than the apple cable. The case has ridges down the side to give better grip and on the buttons there are small ridges that make finding the on/off and volume buttons easy. The camera cutout is very slightly off aligned but does not affect the camera or flash at all (tried this with all colors).

The quality of the Magpul Field case is great. It has a tight fit and and all functions of the case work great. I have been using the Magpul case for about two weeks now and I have dropped it a few time from short distances and it held up very well. The design is not made for the Verizon iPhone but I was able to take a exacto blade and cut the opening slightly bigger so my wife could use it on here Verizon iPhone.

This case has made it to my top five cases very easily, the tight and thin fit with buttons that are responsive make it a very functional case. They make it in the same colors for the iPhone 3g/3gs. I will be doing a give away very soon for these cases so follow me on twitter and I will post up when I start the giveaway. You can pic this case up at magpul site for $9.95. In my own opinion the best bang for your buck case on the market.
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Just thought I'd add to your review. My Magpul Executive Field case is great except for a slight bulge of the case where the Volume up/down buttons are.