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Review: Proof Cases Duo iphone 4 case


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Jan 11, 2011
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Proof Case Duo iPhone 4 case

You may have heard of Proof Case company before, they were one of many companies making their entry into the iPhone accessory market at the same time as the long awaited release of the Verizon iPhone 4. The released at&t only version had a few problems with flash washout, they went back to the drawing board imediatley and produced the Proof case Duo that is compatible with both iPhone 4 models and has no flash problems. This case is a slider style case but is not like other sliders and has a great design. The Proof case comes in a simple clear plastic package with the case and a front screen protector along with a microfiber cloth. You can get the Duo for $29.99 in black and smoke which is the color option I will be reviewing today.

Proof has made a very nice case, the Duo is a very snug fitting case and it is made from a very rigid plastic material. The harder plastic material will not give it the best shock absorption being that the shock of a major drop will transfer directly to the antenna band of the iPhone 4. The Proof Duo case gives you a large amount of lay on table design, it is probably has the most lay on table protection I have seen on a iPhone 4 slider case. The case covers the complete back of the iPhone. The way that the case holds the phone inside of it makes the case a little bulkier then the average slider case but the extra bulk gives it a little more protection. Overall Proof has designed a very protective slider style case that comes with unique but functional design.

This isn't your standard slider case and the functionality definitely shows that. To start off with the positives, the on/off button cutout is cut lower on the back side which lets your finger slide into the cutout for easy pressing. There is one large cutout for the vibrate and volume buttons, now the cutout isn't lower on the back side like the on/off switch which I would have liked to see but the buttons are still easily reachable. The camera cutout on the back is a perfectly sized pill shape that has no effect on the flash. The case adds a little bulk to the case but doesn't effect the way it slides in and out of the pocket, the matte smoke finish gives a little grip and still looks great. I was able to use my docks with the whole case installed. Now on to the negatives, The headphone cutout is a little on the small side, it will only allow jacks slightly larger than the apple buds jack to fit in there. The 30 pin dock connector, speaker, and mic is one large cutout the width is good but the height of the cutout is only slightly larger than apple connector which will keep you from using many third party connectors, the good news is with the cliq piece of the case you can simply pull it off and expose the whole bottom of the phone to dock or plugin any connector. Although in my pictures it shows a little bit of screen shield bubbling on the top corners my screen shield is positioned a little high on the screen so I repositioned a new screen shield and had no problems with bubbling.

The main design feature of the Proof case Duo is the way that the case incases the iPhone, the case holds the iPhone in by the antenna band and leaves a small gap over the whole back of the case. The small gap keeps the case from scratching the glass when installing and removing which is a huge problem that many slider cases have. The cliq piece that snaps into the bottom of the case is very sturdy and locks the phone into the case making a complete solid feel. To remove the case you simply push on the two square on the side of the case and push it out the bottom of the case. I found that the fit is so tight that the bottom piece might require some force to get out but that isn't a negative in my book. The Proof case Duo gets its name Duo from the fact that if fits both at&t and verizon versions of the iPhone 4. The cutouts and design are top notch and this case is one of my personal favorites. The quality of the case is also top notch, I really cant find one defect in the quality or build of the case.

Overall I highly recommend the Proof case Duo, it has a few small negatives but this case is a very nice iPhone 4 case. If you are looking for a good protection case that looks great and is a one of a kind design with a lot of functionality this one is for you. $29.99 at Proof Case website in black and smoke color options, they also offer a at&t only version in sea foam, coral, pink, and white for $24.99.

check out the link below for more pics,
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