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Review: Uncommon Loop iphone 4 case


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Jan 11, 2011
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Uncommon Loop for iPhone 4

This review today is going to be on the Uncommon Loop, while Uncommon is mostly know for making custom design cases from images or design you can upload and have a case made this review is going to be on there TPU style bumper called the Loop. You can get the Uncommon Loop in 6 colors black, white, yellow, green, blue and pink. It comes in standard packaging box with no added accessories.

There are tons of bumper design cases on the market that have a very minimal protection design some that will not even protect the sides of the phone very well or even absorb much shock. This is not the case with the Uncommon Loop, the bumper is made of TPU material which will absorb shock much better than the plastic of the Apple bumper. The loop is a little bit more bulky than your average bumper style case but it gives it a little better protection, it has a very good lay on table design for the front and back that gives you plenty of room to lay it down on many surfaces without worrying about scratching the glass. Due to the thickness of the TPU design and the large amount of lay on table design this bumper will protect you iPhone from medium length drops and absorb a pretty good amount of shock, overall this is one of the better protective bumpers I have reviewed.

As most bumper cases they are pretty functional, the loop is no different. It has a smooth feel to it which will allow it to slip in and out of pockets and purses easily. The on/off buttons have good feel and when pressed you can feel the clicking of the button which gives it a very tactile responsive feel. the cutout for the headphone jack is large enough to accommodate most larger headphone plugs, the 30pin dock connector has its own cutout out in between the mic and speaker. The 30 pin dock connector is just a little bit larger than apple connector which will allow you to use on some third party connectors but not larger ones. The vibrate switch cutout is pretty small and will only work with att iPhone 4 models, it is easy to switch on and off although the cutout is small. You can use a back skin on this bumper but your screen shields have to be perfectly aligned to keep from bubbling, to be safe you might want to go with a case friendly screen shield.

The quality of the Uncommon Loop is great, it has a very finished look with no rough seems or problems. The design of the case is where I ran into a few problems I didn't really like, first the volume buttons have one large cover that doesn't separate the up from down button which makes it a little harder to feel the correct button. Second the case fits pretty tight and kinda clicks into its position on the phone which I like but it requires you to have you screen shield perfectly aligned or you will have bubbling. I would recommend a case friendly screen shield to fix this problem. That's it!! everything else worked great and this bumper is a good option for someone who want to show off the front and back of their iPhone 4.

Overall I recommend this to someone who is looking to get a bumper with a little bit more protection then the Apple Bumper. You can pick these up for $19.95 on Uncommon site. Thanks for reading.

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