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REVIEW: iD America Ice and Dry Ice iphone 4 case


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Jan 11, 2011
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REVIEW: iD America Ice/Dry Ice iPhone 4 case

I Reviewed the Gasket case from iD America in a previous post but this review will be on the newest case from iD America the Ice/Dry Ice fitted snap case. As usual iD America has very professional packaging and it includes a front screen shield, micro fiber cloth, and a application card. This case is a two piece case that snaps together over the front and the back of the iPhone 4. The case comes in a Ice which is the clear model and Dry Ice which is the see thru frosted model.

The two piece design completely covers the back of the iPhone 4, the second piece wraps around the front with a small lip over the front glass of the iPhone 4. The design of the case is pretty slim so I dont think that this case is going to protect your phone from major drops. It does have good lay on table design to keep you from scratching the front glass and paired with the provided screen protector this will basically make your phone scratch proof. The case will provide some drop protection from medium sized falls and mishaps. The only concern I have is that the two piece snap case could possibly come apart when dropped but I did not experience this. Overall Protection is pretty good and this case will keep you protected from everyday use and misuse.

iD America addressed many functionality issues that tons of companies ignored in their case design.

30 pin dock connector and speaker/mic- This is one big cutout that will fit many larger plugs, only the largest plugs wont fit in there and you will have to use a extension.

Volume on/off switch and volume buttons- The cutout is one large cutout for all three and will work with verizon model phones, the back half of the cutout is recessed so that your finger can slide into the cutout easily to press buttons, this is a feature that I love as it makes it easier to hit buttons with one hand.

Headphone Jack cutout- It is a medium to large size jack and will fit most headphone jacks made for iphone use, there are larger jacks not intended for iphone use that you will need a extension for.

On/Off button- cutout is also recessed on the back part for easy pressing and the cutout is large and doesnt require much digging to push the button.

Camera cutout- the cutout is a large pill shape with a black flash ring on it and there will be no issues with flash washout.

The case will work with most universal docks and stands. It slides in and out of the pocket very easily with its slim design. With this case it requires a very precise install of the screen shield to prevent bubbling so put it on perfect. You cannot use a back screen shield with this case as it will show large watermaking spots on back. I noticed that even with out the back screen protector that you can see a spot or two of very small watermarks that are more noticeable on the Ice case then the Dry Ice model, also after a week or two of use the case has loosened up a bit and watermarks went away.

So far this case has been pretty nice, the design of the cutouts were great and the case design is pretty good to. The quality of the case is ok, I have run into a few things with it that will happen with any clear case. The Ice model scratches fairly easily while the Dry Ice model shows oily finger print fairly easily but a damp cloth can wipe them off. The case snaps together pretty tight so when going to remove the case you will run into a small struggle, now with case being hard to get off is a double edge sword. You want the case to be hard to get off so if you drop it the case wont pop open and damage your phone and on the other hand if you like to switch cases a lot this could be a deal breaker for you, the easiest way to get it off is to slide you fingernail between the two pieces in the 30 pin dock connector area and it will pop off. The case itself to me feels a little bit cheap but once installed on the phone it feels solid.

Overall iD America has made a unique case that is functional. I would recommend the Dry Ice case over the Ice just for its looks and the fact it doesn't show scratches as bad. Other then the slightly cheap feel and hard removale process this case is a nice unique case for everyday user. You can Pick this case up at iD America site for $19.99 which is a decent deal for this case.