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Review: Sw-box knock of apple bumper


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Jan 11, 2011
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Sw-Box iPhone 4 Bumper

The Iphone 4 apple bumper is the official case to come from apples camp, this is a knock off bumper from sw-box that comes in many different colors but the same design. I was skeptical about getting these from sw-box because of all the problems that were reported with the quality of the case such ass the buttons falling out of the case and the rubber and plastic separating. With that being said I tested this case longer than I normally would before reviewing. The packaging comes with just a simply package that looks much like the apple bumper packaging.

This bumper is no different than any other bumper for the iPhone 4 as far as overall protection goes, it does not protect the screen for the front and back and also does not come with screen protectors so its up to you to keep the glass protected. The bumper has a plastic center with silicone molded around the outside edges that wrap the edge of the iPhone glass, the silicone does offer lay on table protection as well as anti sliding grip from the silicone. The volume buttons and the on/off button are covered by plastic with metal button covers that are very responsive and they are metal so they look great too. The bumper will offer some drop protection but you want to be careful with you phone when using any kind of bumper style case.

Sw-Box bumper isnt the most functional bumper style case out there. It keeps a slim design and looks pretty good, you get pretty good protection for a bumper style case as well as the really nice buttons. The headphone jack is kinda small so some bigger jacks will not fit in there, and the 30 pin dock connector is also fitted for the apple cable so you wont get many cable in there either. the slim design lets you get the phone in and out of the pocket easily and the silicone on the case do not attract to much lint and dust although it is noticeable I have seen much worse. Overall the functionality is ok with the bumper, everyone likes to use third party accessories and this case really limits that. The case will not bubble screen shields and will work with most skins, as mine is pictured in with a carbon skin on the back

Like I said before these cases have not gotten the best reviews in the quality department, I personally did not experience any of the problems I stated before, the only quality issue I had was that the headphone jack hole looked slightly stretched out and I used this case taking it on and off for about three week, I even pushed on the buttons without the case on to see if they would come off or start to and they did not. I personally like bumper style cases and these come is a large amount of colors, and at the price of 3.20 it might be worth a try.

I would recommend this case to someone who is set on getting a apple bumper cause you can get a bunch of these for the price of a bumper from apple and a few of them will have good quality if not all so it is a hit and miss but I think worth the try. If you just want a bumper case don't get it, there are many other really nice bumpers out there and this is not the nicest one. All of the pics are shown with lucky labs carbon skin on back and power support crystal front. The case can be bought at Sw-Box site. Thanks For Reading

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