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Which free bumper/case would you recommend

Which free bumper/case would you recommend?

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Jun 27, 2010
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Now that Jobs has just announced that they will be giving away free bumpers and/or cases to alleviate the antenna problem, which case is best?

If you have already purchased one or have seen one in person, I (an I'm sure other people are) would like to know which one I should get. I want one that will give my phone the maximum drop protection.

Do you recommend a bumper or a case and which case from Apple or AT&T do you think is better? I also have an invisible shield so my front screen is already protected from scratches. I know the bumpers are out of stock but if it's better than the rest I wouldn't mind waiting for it. The Belkin grip vue looks pretty good too and I wouldn't mind getting that either.

This poll is not for the case that you already have but what you would recommend. If you chose other, please specify which one and please keep it to the cases that Apple and AT&T sells which are the one in the $30 price range.

I'm eagerly waiting for the incase line of cases. In my past cases, none came close to incase's simple but elegant designs. I wouldn't mind having a white apple bumper but if I could have only one, it'd be the incase's.
I think you need to wait until Steve decides which case(s) he'll give you.