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Review: sw-box otter box knock off


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Jan 11, 2011
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Sw-Box OtterBox Commuter Knock Off

The Otter Box is one of the most popular cases on the market, that is why I am not doing the the 100,000th otter box review. This review is on the sw-box knock off of the otter box commuter. When ordering stuff from companies like sw-box there is no telling what kind of quality your going to get. To my surprise it was pretty good.

This case offers plenty of protection, the two piece design with the silicone shell and the hard plastic outer shell. The silicone will protect the phone by absorbing the shock and the shell will spread the the shock to the silicone layer. The case has built in port covers for the 30 pin dock connector port and the head phone jack. This case has good lay on table protection and overall is a very protective case. I have a real otter box and I feel that this case is just as protective.

This case has all the functionality feature the original otter box has, The port covers keep dust and dirt out of the 30 pin dock connector and headphone jack. The two piece design fits tight and is slim enough to carry in your pockets. The all white model I have doesn't attract lint or show scratches easily, i carry my phone in my pocket only and it still looks brand new. There is a set back with the camera, the the flash does flash over on pictures and cause washout. This knock off case makes the camera flash unusable for picture taking. The buttons on the case are a little but soft but very responsive.

The quality of the case is pretty good. Other than the camera issue the design and feel of the case is pretty close to the real otter box commuter, the silicone on the sides feels the slightest bit looser than the authentic model. Overall this is a great buy for the price, it was $3.20 on Sw-box. If the flash would work correctly this case would be top notch and practically identical to the real case. If you don't use your flash to take pictures than this case could be a good alternative.

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