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Should I buy now? or wait?


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Jul 11, 2010
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I REALLY want the iPhone 4. I have Verizon, but if I can, I would switch to AT&T for this iPhone 4.

Or should I wait? do you think they will start making the iphone 4 differently with this attenna problem?
Well no matter what anyone says the anntena is a design flaw so unless they redesign the phone(which they wont) this gen phone will always have reception issues (and yes i have the phone). But besides that i love the phone. It does have a couple other bugs but i think those can be fixed with a software update so i say minus the signal issue, go for it if u want to. I personally think verizon will get the phone no later than january, but dont quote me. So u can either wait or get it now. Good luck
I don't think they will change the design. Remember not all users experience the same antenna problem and I think it's the first batch of iPhones that are bad. Either way, Apple will do a better job of testing each phones before they go out of their production line.
In my honest opinion, Seeing that you're with verizon so I'm assuming you've never had an iPhone, I would get it now because its just that bad ass who cares about the problems, every phone out there has problems. People are just making an enormous deal out of the problems of the iPhone because they were expecting "more" from Apple, but what more could you expect it's a great product. Get it now. Well, only if it's in your budget, which I'm assuming it is since you've asked the question of purchasing or not.
I would have no problem paying for the phone, I just need to see if my parents wouldn't mind paying a seperate bill along with the family's verizon....

What is the cost of an iPhone 4 plan.... I NEED unlimited text, unlimited data is nice, and minutes I really don't need that much.
I have the pamphlet for the iPhone 4 and it is $45 for 2GB/month +tethering and thats the highest data plan $20 for unlimited text on a single line theres a Talk+text+2GB Data plan with 450minutes for $85 I'm assuming it's 20$ more if you wanna tether
Here is what I read. $15/200mb $25/2GB. If you want to tether it's another $45/for the first 2gb.
They don't do unlimited data anymore. That was removed with the iPhone 4 because a small portion of iPhone users would take up a massive amount of bandwidth leaving the rest to pick up the scraps. But 2GB's is a pretty good amount for a month.
Yeah, plus I can use WiFi at my house and cabin...

I dunno though, I feel so spoiled with my Verizon Droid. I have unlimited everything for like 50 bucks a month :D

Do you guys think Verizon will get the iPhone? Because I would much rather have it on Verizon than AT&T...
If you can swing it and really want the phone now I would go for it. Rumors about it coming to verizon are just rumors. But carefully evaluate the At&t network where you live because no matter how great the phone a crappy network will sour you on the phone sooner or later.
Yeah and I'm on a business plan with my dads business and I can pretty much upgrade whenever I want ;) So I REALLYYY hope Verizon and Apple make a deal.