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Sell now or wait?


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Jun 16, 2010
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I will be selling my 3GS to pay for my iPhone 4 (which is pre-ordered). What do you guys think? Should I try to sell now, Craigslist, ebay, etc. and put my sim into a cheap phone I already have laying around the house? Or do I wait until my new iPhone 4 shows up on June 24 (crosses fingers n toes) then try to sell? What would/are you gonna do?
do you have an unlimited data plan you could grandfather into? if so, keep that plan and just upgrade the phone since it won't be available any more.. just my .02
Yeah I agree to keep your phone to keep the unlimited plan unless you could use a dumbphone and somehow keep the data too.

I sold my Moto Droid on eBay for $250 with a few accessories. It was only on eBay for 4 hours so I was impressed with how quick it moved. Now I'm using my BlackBerry I had before I got the Droid and will switch to AT&T the 24th hopefully.
Good point. I never thought about the unlimited plan. I'm pretty sure I could keep that plan, but may need to check around before I sell.
I am just looking to get the most - or at least recoup the cost, $199, tax, and $18 upgrade. So if I can get $225-230 I will be happy. My local craigslist has most 3GS iPhones going for closer to $300, so I wanted to capitalize.
Yeah I understand, that's why I sold my phone early. I was hearing about new Verizon phones in the works and didn't want to get less for my Droid. But not having a device to search the internet on the go or use apps is killing me. I am currently on the BlackBerry Pearl Flip, great phone just not what I'm used to after having a modded Droid.
its only 7 days, will you find a buyer before then? imo its better to sell now get the extra money
It's always good to have a backup, especially with such an expensive phone.
I put mine on ebay after receiving only spam replies from craigslist. Bidding ends Saturday afternoon with payment due within 48 hours. By the time I get the money out of paypal and into my bank, I may only have to go about 24 hours in between my iPhones. I don't think you physically have to still have the iPhone when you activate the new one to stay grandfathered into the unlimited data. Least I hope not since I'm nearly guaranteed to have it gone before the 24th. With 2 days left bidding for my 32 GB white 3GS is at 300. Thirty more bucks to pay for the iphone 4 i got.
You don't need anything, your plan is seperate from your phone.. you can sell your phone and use a different one any time you want, you call and tell them your new sim and iemi numbers to associate with your account and that's it, the actual phone has nothing to do with your account, example you could buy an older iphone outright and just slip your sim card into it to avoid buying the mandatory data plan, I'm going to give my 3g to my mom when I get my new one so just gonna stick her sim and then she has it without having to buy extra data plan that they generally require.. or you could even have a pay as you go plan and put your sim card in the iphone and have it on pay as you go..

(yes this works, i was the manager at a cell-phone shop for 6 years)