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Setting up iPhone with ITunes


Jun 20, 2010
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I currently have a 3G but my iPhone 4 will be arriving Thursday. Is it difficult to set it up through iTunes? Will it matter that my iTunes is already familiar with my 3G? Do I just plug my new iPhone into my pc as though I'm syncing it an iTunes will take it from there? Is there a link to a website that explains the process?
First u have to install the ios4 to itunes and then plug your phone in and I had to call in to, to AT&T.
It's really easy you will plug in your new iPhone 4 it will step you thru the activation process. After it's activated it will ask you if you want to setup as a new phone or as your 3G... Just choose to setup as your phone and it takes care of the rest. Once it's done all the settings and apps should be just like your old one!
Same with all other iPhones plug routines activate setup as new phone or restore from backup and your good to go.

Oh yes and register the phone with apple.