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Itunes 9.2 and jailbroke 3g


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Jun 15, 2010
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I jailbroke my 3g using blackrain.
I am getting the iPhone 4 and see that the new iTunes 9.2 is out.

I plan on restoring my 3g before selling.

Can I update to iTunes 9.2 , do the sync for the new
iPhone and then restore my 3g using iTunes 9.2 OR MUST I RESTORE BEFORE GOING TO 9.2 ?

no you dont have to restore before going to 9.2 i would wait until the 21st then restore and sell it with 4.0 firmware unless your in a rush to sell it:)

you can either restore before or after it makes no difference the only thing you need the new itunes for is to upgrade to newer firmware so if you dont plan on putting 4.0 on there it really makes no difference, plus 4.0 is not until the 21st