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Rumour: iPhones to Have OLED Displays From 2018 Onwards


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Jun 18, 2010
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According to Japanese website Nikkei, via MacRumors, Apple will be using OLED displays in its iPhone range from 2018 onwards. The source says that Apple has already told its suppliers about the switch, which has prompted LG Display to plan capacity upgrades in order to cope with the high level of OLED display production that would be required by Apple.

The report says that it looks like LG Display will be sharing the OLED production load with Samsung Electronics, which is at present the only company known to be able to produce OLED smartphone screens in the kind of volume that Apple would be looking for. Currently LG Display only has expertise in producing OLED displays for TVs.

While if true, this is clearly great news for Samsung and LG Display, it will be a major disappointment to Sharp and Japan Display, with the latter, in particular, currently relying on Apple for 30% of its business.

Source: iPhones Expected to Have OLED Displays Starting in 2018