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Rumour: Apple Wants LG Display to Produce OLED Displays for iPhone


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Jun 18, 2010
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AppleInsider reports that according to Business Korea, Apple wants LG Display to get involved with OLED display production as competition for Samsung, which is currently the biggest OLED manufacturer in the world and which will be supplying all OLED displays for the forthcoming iPhone 8.

LG Display officials are said to be currently evaluating Apple’s suggestion that the company gets involved in OLED display production, but are believed to be concerned that LG has no experience in mass producing small-to-medium-sized OLED screens. However, LG has been heavily investing in OLED technology for the past few years, including announcing back in July 2016 that it would be spending approximately $1.75 billion on a new flexible OLED display production line, with that investment set to pay off as OLED becomes the main technology for smartphone displays over the next few years.

LG Display, which is currently the exclusive provider of OLED displays for the Apple Watch, is set to decide whether it will take up Apple’s offer by the end of June, a decision that Samsung will doubtless be very interested to hear.

Source: Rumor: Apple pushing LG to get into smartphone OLED business for 2018 iPhone